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Kamis, 23 Januari 2020      RIRU East Kalimantan      317 kali

Presentation Book RIRU Kaltim September 2019

Penulis : RIRU East Kalimantan
Penerbit : RIRU East Kalimantan
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Keterangan : Regional Investor Relations Unit (RIRU) of East Kalimantan has been established as a joint effort between Regional Board of Investment and Integrated Licensing and Bank Indonesia East Kalimantan Regional Office since 2015. The main objective of RIRU is to communicate Indonesian actively and East Kalimantan in particular economic policy and to address concerns of investors to attract direct investment and foster growth. As an essential part of its communication measures, prospective investors are very welcome to visit the Regional Board of Investment website. However, day-to-day activities of RIRU are supported by all relevant government agencies in East Kalimantan province. RIRU also answers questions through email, telephone, and may arrange a site visit.


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